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Airlie Beach

The crew/passenger dinner at Beaches in Airlie Beach on the night of our return came to pass in good form. Keeping the marine theme alive, the Captain was out in force and much merriment followed. On returning to the hostel at the 4.30am, catching the 6.55 bus seemed unlikely, at 6am unreasonable and at 7am impossible. Fortunately everything came good and the 10.15am delivered a similar 10 hour scenic ride, through the delightful towns of Hicktonville, Hicklington, Hickley, Hickham, Hickstead, Hickford, Hickworth, finally arriving in Hicks late last night. North Queensland is rather rural.The film from the disposable underwater camera actually came out surprisingly well, but sadly no photos of Elvis.We're in Cairns now taking my last day easy. There's a showing of the Matrix Reloaded tonight before I catch the 4.25am ride to the airport tomorrow morning before the longest day of my life.