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Where am I

It's been far too long without any posts, things have been somewhat hectic of late. The war came and went, overall it'll probably go down as a fantastic success, but there's still a way to go before Iraq has been fixed. I'm not quite sure where the sudden urge to move on and 'liberate' Syria has come from, but I seem to recall the same sudden urgency around Iraq many months ago. So many interesting things came out of the media coverage, maybe I'll bring a few of them up over the next several weeks.Just came across a report about sleep deprivation, which I completely believe. It concludes that six hours or less per night has serious effects on performance and cognitive ability, no surprise there. My discovery that I genuinely feel better after four hours than six is probably not helping my state of mind, but it's definitely keeping sleep up there as my number one hobby. I'd be intrigued to know the effects of binge sleeping (ah, the joy of weekends) but I don't imagine it's a worthy replacement. Starbucks has just bought Seattle's Best Coffee, so at least there's not going to be any shortage of the bean in this city.