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Dirty bomb in Seattle?

Seattle is preparing for the biggest civil disaster drill ever conducted in the world. South of downtown, by the freeway, they're gradually building a disaster scene as it would appear following a dirty bomb detonation for a drill next month, all courtesy of the federal government. Ahead of time it seems like a great idea, but if the exercise doesn't go well, is that a good or a bad thing?Despite the chatter of the possibility since 9/11, it doesn't especially weigh on my mind. I honestly don't believe the likelihood has increased, merely the perception. In any case, if I'm lucky, I'll be in Redmond, if I'm not, there's not a huge amount I can do. Shit happens. Of late, more people have died from suffocation in their chemical-weapon-proof rooms than through the attack they fear, the world continues to turn and maybe ignorance really is the best policy.