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War starts, life goes on

The full-scale war in Iraq has commenced. Despite my somewhat anti-war stance, I was somewhat impressed with the 'decapitation attempt', sending cruise missiles into a specific target in Baghdad before declaring war. Although it seems the ultimate goal wasn't reached, it would have been interesting to see how things panned out had events been different.

CNN is certainly changing the face of war. Before going out this evening, I have the TV on for about forty minutes, and two things struck me. Firstly, the webcam quality images from fast vehicles moving through the Iraqi dessert in real time conveys both how real this situation is, as well as how uneventful periods of combat can be. Secondly, I was absolutely amazed how all news channels seemed to fill 24 hours of constant coverage with about 8 minutes of real content, while constantly claiming 'we're not quite sure what's going on'. So, technology isn't quite there yet; when news agencies have their own imaging satellites, this will be a totally different story.

Seattle traffic downtown has been completely disrupted during rush hour for the last two nights, with protests and marches happening on busy city streets. While these protests are undoubtedly frustrating other drivers, it'll be interesting to see whether anyone takes notice.