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The Political Compass

After a referral by Garan, I just visited the Political Compass.

Economic Left/Right: -1.75
Authoritarian/Libertarian: -1.49

I'm amazed how much I've started to pay attention to politics these days. As one who always found it rather boring and uninteresting, I'm now paying far more attention, trying to understand peoples stances and beliefs. The key problem with the system in US is that there's no third voice. Even if people aren't paying huge attention to that third take, at least it's there are a point of reference.

I'm still trying to figure out what happened in the UK Parliament this week. The reports vary from 'conclusive win confirming Britain as a nation supports the US action' (paraphased from a CNN report), to 'significant backbench rebellion with the opposition being more supportive than the PMs own party'. If nothing else, it's made me realize on thing: the overall judgment of these events happens on the streets and in homes; people who claim to know nothing have invariably heard something that gives them a point of view. Even if they're not informed or in-depth, sheer numbers of opinions help to better construct a picture of where things are at. Take that away, and you're far more inclined to believe the first report you hear.