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Jumping the shark

The phrase "jump the shark", originally referring to Happy Days, but now more generally, refers to that single instant when things really can't get any better. And they don't. The inevitable demise from that moment of greatness is sometimes well documented and painfully evident, other times there's a faint wimper and no-one notices the gap left behind.

After a long winter of series like Joe Millionaire, American Idol, Survivor and The Bachelorette but to name just a few, I can't help but think the moment of reckoning for reality TV is near.

Married by America is a perfect demonstration of how you can take a fair idea with a decent amount of potential way too far. "Marriage is a sacred union between two people who have grown together over time - FOX says %#@! that", says it all really. I don't really hold any particular religious objection to the notion of a nation picking who should spend the rest of their lives wholly devoted to each other, but I mean come on, what are they thinking?