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Credit cards and freedom

Busy with work again, so not as much opportunity to post as much as I'd like.

I've just received a letter informing me I'm pre-approved for a platinum credit card; my 'individual' pre-approval code turns out to be 98765-5432. Either a strange coincidence, or a dismal failure of a marketing department in an attempt to make me feel special.

The freedom fries movement seems to be gaining momentum, with the US House now serving the stuff. While France may be using their veto to protect their own financial or political interests in Iraq, it's amusing to see how they've driven the house into this self-demeaning 'symbolic gesture'.

Besides, everybody know that French Fries come from Belgium. I think I'll stick with fish and chips thanks, even though the wrapped-in-newspaper delivery seems to be a source of delightful novelty to Americans.