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The perils of winter sports

I made a sad mistake of taking a trip up to Snoqualmie yesterday for a bit of snowboarding. The promised 6" of new snow had evidently melted or met some similar fate, and the surface was immaculately well packed. Feeling a little over-confident for the conditions, I soon came back down to earth, backwards and head first. For a brief moment, it dawned on me how easy to would be to sustain a serious injury, but everything seemed intact and attached so I carried on. Today is a different matter; right now I can only move by head by about one degree in any direction. A lesson learnt.

Last night turned into longer-than-expected, but enjoyable dive bar crawl around town. Imagine my delight on coming across that bastion of drinking establishment entertainment - the Megatouch bar games unit. In two different bars, the Maxx and Titanium models were in constant use, no doubt making the world a better place.

My current physical state leaves me no option but to head to McDonalds for some cheeseburger therapy.