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Marching against war

There are a lot of posters around town at the moment advertising the February 15th - The World Says No To War march. I've been holding out for more conclusive information for a long time now, believing that it's just an imbalance of knowledge between decision makers and the masses, but even with the revelations of late, I'm still yet to hear anything that truly convinces. I may well attend.

The Baghdad 2028 site presents an interesting opinion on the longer term view, which certainly made me think. Even looking more immediately in the future, I think it's clear to anyone that attacking Iraq is going to piss off a huge number of people around the world. Trying to avoid a disadvantage due to changing weather conditions is no justification to jump the gun in matters of this scale.

On a related note, Sean has been toying with the idea of producing some bumper stickers of late. Given the current abundance of car accessories of this kind, it's hard to believe that people make these 'statements' for any reason other than fashion. Still, wording along the lines of War sucks. Do something. has a universal appeal that I don't think many people can disagree with.

As I write this, the terror alert status remains 'high'. TV news is now showing instructions on how to protect a single room of your house against a chemical attack, using clingfilm, paying special attending to small openings like plugs and phone jacks. I've been informed that my apartment building will 'close all external air intakes' in the event of an attack on Seattle. Unofficial surveys are suggesting people are stockpiling food and supplies (to various degrees, depending on where you watch/read). Maybe I just don't get it, but I can't see how any of these precautions are really going to make a difference; indeed, I'm reminded of the informative films of the 60s advocating the safety of hiding under a table during a nuclear attack.

Where has the 'we will go on, it will not change our lives' attitude gone?