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I'll pay you back, I promise

Last week I applied for a Blue card from American Express, optimistically looking to work my way further into debt. Well, they soon put a stop to that - my application did not score enough points to qualify.

And if they'd stopped there, that would have been fine. But no, they go on and rub it in - I don't have enough credit, I owe too much, I don't have enough bank accounts, and am also afflicted by the non-descript 'number of trades'.

In real terms, I'm no better off than I was a year ago, despite never having failed to pay a bill on time. Where next? Evidently I can't improve my credit without another credit card, and I can't open another bank account without better credit. Despite this marvellous global financial infrastructure, I'm beginning to like the idea of stashing money in a hole in the ground.