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High tea at three

Every now and again there are days where so many things seem to align as if orchestrated in some theme. Maybe we start looking for things when suspicion is aroused, it's hard to tell.

Waiting for the bus this morning, bagel in one hand, Starbucks venti mocha in the other, I dropped a quarter in newspaper dispenser on the corner and picked up a copy of the PI (this may have required a third hand, artistic license I believe it's called). I had a fleeting thought of how comfortable and natural it all felt, and that surprised me a little. But I was wearing socks with a Union Jack on them, so it was all OK.

Arriving in to work, I did my usual five minute scan through the front pages: BBC News, The Times and The Sun. Despite what is now becoming an addiction to CNN, I think I watch it more for the pictures, still preferring the British media for content.

Later in the day, someone pointed me to the diary of Moira Redmond, an ex-ex-pat. Most of her thoughts are spot on and made for an entertaining read. Incidentally, I also noticed Ali G is headed stateside. I'm fairly sure the society isn't equipped to handle this just yet, which is such a shame.

All said and done, it makes me happy to see Simon Cowell keeping the side up. High tea at three anyone?