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Commiting a war crime by opposing war

I've long wondered about the validity of 'Operation Human Shield', the group of people who've flown over to Iraq to protest US plans to go to war, putting themselves quite literally in harms way. It's one thing exercising your democratic right (if you're a citizen) to protest, it's quite another to go to these extremes.

Now it transpires that the organizers of this little adventure could be guilty of war crimes. This is perhaps an unorthodox interpretation of the Geneva Convention and doesn't really provide a convincing response, instead it neatly provides a disclaimer for some of the inevitable collateral damage.

Effect of their actions on military planning: zero.
Effect of their actions on public opinion: light to moderate.
Effect of their actions on themselves: fulfilling, but perhaps final.

Sorry guys, but I'm not convinced. Yes, there will be casualties if the war begins, but it doesn't mean the fight to stop it is over.