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Strange goings on at night

After a rather hectic day, I headed out on a bar crawl with some people (Sean, Tina, Chris) from work. I've finally overcome an irrational fear of Capital Hill and discovered a few new bars up in that neighborhood.

Deciding to walk the couple of miles back home, I again noticed the strangeness of downtown at night. Unlike many other areas of Seattle, central downtown is absolutely deserted after 10pm - absolutely no-one, all the shops are closed and there's no traffic. It's an eerie feeling while the traffic lights continue to change for vehicles that never come.

Move across a few blocks, and there's overwhelming activity; the streets are lined with buses, sleeping the night and waiting for the cold morning. Traffic control and police mingle around, making sure everything is going according to plan, as if the new day promises extraordinary challenges demanding intricate planning. But no, move on please, tomorrow will be just like today, nothing special.