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Four wheel drive

Only a moderate hangover this morning, so I decided to go and pick up my car from Sean's and head out to Snoqualmie. The journey, usually about an hour, took almost three, mostly sitting stationary on I-90 watching fools implement that well-informed technique 'really rev it up in the snow, the car is sure to move'. And move it does, backwards, around, anywhere but forwards. As usual, I took great delight in seeing the ridiculously large SUVs flailing hopelessly because the owner clearly bought the vehicle for the image and decided 4WD really wasn't worth the cost.

With all that over, I enjoyed a fantastic few hours - 8" new snow today so lots of powder, and the slopes were empty. Getting a lot better on the snowboard too.

However, I made a horrible discovery when it came time to leave. On the CR-V, four wheel drive only engages going forwards! Having parked head in towards a snowdrift with cars close on both sides, it was looking bad. Using an umbrella to excavate trenches for the front tires wasn't precisely how I planned to end the day, but it seemed to do the trick anyway.