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Energy saving light bulbs

It's strange, of the three apartments I've lived in in the US, none have had ceiling mounted lights; an interesting 'fashion'. Anyway, my point is this: energy saving light bulbs aren't perfect. The 11W rating should be a red flag - these bulbs might last for years, but that simply means you're living in near darkness. No cheating the first law I suppose.

Whilst at Ikea buying more lamps and wasteful bulbs, I noticed the massive number of people buying the stock art. Ikea sells cheap prints and matching frames, and lots of them by the look of it. Interestingly however, there are probably only 10-15 different prints available to choose from - that's a lot of similar looking homes. I'm one of them - my choice of furnishings is purely functional. I'm not sure what it says about my attitude to art, but I'm saying there are plenty of other forms of expression.