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2002 (old posts, page 4)

Return from the mountain

It's been a busy few days this week. We headed out to Mt Rainier early on Monday morning and arrived just before noon. Leaving an overcast, misty Seattle, the outlook wasn't great, but we were delighted with how the weather treated us.

Perfectly clear in Mount Rainier National Park, we headed straight on up to Paradise, the highest location accessible by road. Then on foot, we set out in the snow on upwards, making way to Glacier Vista before turning round to make it back before dusk.

On Tuesday, after a night in the National Park Inn, we set out after a hearty breakfast of blueberry pancakes. With more time, we had lunch at Paradise Point (6800 ft), and I went on alone up to McClure's Rock (7380 ft).

Photos are here.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day in America is a time to offer thanks, of family gatherings and holiday meals. A time of turkeys, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. A time for Indian corn, holiday parades and giant balloons...

We took a brisk walk around Alki this morning, once again great weather and fine views of the city. A fantastic lunch with Sean and Jen, a real American experience. I have spent the evening being full and finding delight on the Butterball web site.

Tomorrow starts with The Bon holiday parade through downtown Seattle and we'll see what happens after that.

I forgot to mention the run I did yesterday; about 5 miles up the waterfront and back. Although I'm somewhat out of practice, exercise is proving much easier these days. The marathon awaits, but not this year.

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Daily shorts

Just a few other items of note.

On Ed's recommendation, this summer I wrote a list of things I'd like to achieve in the next year. I've turned this list (previously scrawled on a BA napkin) in a list of things to do here.

My American Fantasy Football team achieved the impossible this week, beating the #1 ranked Gigantic Orange 104-67, to stand at 6-6. Thanksgiving tomorrow, so more football on TV then.

One thing I forgot to mention at the time, I bought a couple of weeks ago. After the line from an old favorite song (Heaven is a halfpipe by OPM), I was surprised yet delighed to receive a phone call from a company in Houston several days later offering me $500 for the domain. I think I'll hold on to this one, could come in useful some day.

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One for the reading list

I've justed finished reading The Inmates are Running the Asylum. A very well written insightful book into the human interface problems we face in the IT industry today.

I found it painful at times having my attitudes challenged so convincingly, but it can only serve to improve things in the long run.

A must for anyone even remotely involved in product design or program management.

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Trolling for taillights

Just came across the rather amusing Trolling for Taillights. In part it reminds me of the Jolly Roger, only targeted at the car-owning mobile population.

Question is, does this kind of behavior make the roads any safer? Perhaps.

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Go Seahawks!

The realization that I don't have to go to work tomorrow is proving very relaxing. Since this is the first real period I've had off work without a busy whirlwind tour, I should hopefully be able to catch up with myself again.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Seahawks beat the Kansas City Chiefs this afternoon. Quite a match to behold:

SEATTLE �?" In a game that featured the fourth-highest total offensive output in NFL history, the Seattle Seahawks outscored the Kansas City Chiefs in a 39-32 offensive shootout.

Highlighted by career performances by quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and receiver Koren Robinson, Seattle and Kansas City combined for 1,086 yards and 71 points in a game that was not decided until the final minute when an onside kick by the Chiefs was recovered by Seattle�?Ts Bobby Engram to seal the victory. The teams also combined to set an NFL record for most combined first downs in a game with 63 (Seattle vs. San Diego, 62 in 1985).

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Laptops as a health hazard

I've been somewhat busy this last week with the arrival of my parents. They flew in on Wednesday evening and have already discovered a huge amount of Seattle. No work next week, so we'll head slightly further afield and see some of the sights. Seahawks game tomorrow, Mt Rainier on Monday and plenty of other delights in store.

I was alarmed to read an article today discussing the serious side-effects of laptop use. I'm writing this entry sitting on my couch using a Dell Latitude, so I think I'll keep this entry brief.

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Perfect cinematic moments

One aspect of films that I hugely appreciate is a well thought out scene. When the imagery, soundtrack and dialog all align perfectly, it makes for a very moving moment. Invariably, this is where the emotions of the viewer reach the most intense point, whether it results in tears or bursts of joy is somewhat secondary.

It's rare that such moments occur in real life; indeed, I recall very few such cases that I have been privileged to experience, and then, only by accident. Sadly these moments simply cannot be conveyed by words alone, but I'll try.

One has just occurred. While listening to 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' in my apartment, a nasty three car wreck happened at the intersection below. Within seconds, there were just two things: the music and the deafening wail of emergency sirens.

Another moment than sticks in my mind happened while I was working at Bridgemere Garden World. Late one evening, I vividly recall the rain pounding down on the plastic roof, drowning out all other sounds but one - the endless ringing of an unanswered phone.

This is a little deep for a Sunday morning.

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The American Way

As I sit in my office sipping my fifth blended margarita, I've turned to reading some of the Xbox Live forums. The service officially launched today.

I wouldn't exactly describe myself as a cynic, but there's something about this post that just couldn't go without mention.

Bill gates if you are listening. This week you dedicated 100 million dollars to some third world country filled with people dieing of aids. Well you should take care of the hand that feeds you first. Like the good old american consumers who buy computers with windows, who buy xboxs. Sure that 100 million dollars may save a few lives, but I think you owe it to us first. Take that money back and get us some dedicated game severs. This is an outrage!

Did I mention I love America?