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There's an interesting advertising campaign on TV right now against drugs. Some of the commercials are very impressive, for want of a better word, employing several completely different approaches to get the message across.

The one titled Okay is particularly noteworthy

A: Okay, so it's true �?" drug money funds terrorism.
B: It is true.
A: OK.
B: OK?
A: Let's say I buy some dope, hypothetically. Now how much of my money actually makes it to the bad guys hands? A couple of bucks. A few bucks, that's it. Peanuts.
B: So you�?Tre saying that it�?Ts OK to support terrorism, a little.
A: Did I say that?

While I am impressed by the delivery, I just can't shake the feeling that it's all propaganda to fuel public opinion on the great War on Terrorism.