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Kicking the habit

Left my parents back to the airport yesterday evening, and things are proving to be very quiet in my apartment now.

Work has been very busy having taken last week off, but things are under control. I'm actually enjoying things as they are for the moment.

My efforts to stop smoking are going very well. It's been three weeks since I had a cigarette, but the craving is still there. Smoking is a terrible thing; once you've started to the point of enjoying it, however much you are told of, or think about the reasons to quit, it just isn't enough. And then at some instant, something happens and you find a way of rationalizing the feelings and feel good about the hard journey head. I've passed the threshold, so I feel I can now say, with suitable 'ignorance', it really is great being able to take a deep breath and feel the air rush into your lungs.

I've been bad at keeping the diary and mail up to date recently with visitors, but I'm going to make a start on that now. Of course, previously I'd think, 'well, I'll have a cigarette and then set to it', and that's precisely the thing I'm finding hardest about giving up. Any task, even ones you don't feel like doing, seems a little easier after a cigarette. For reasons unknown, this logic actually extends to giving up smoking. If I can just quit, it will be a great achievement and I'll be able to reward myself with a smoke. Damn you Philip Morris.