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Gordon has been visiting

I bought a $30 ticket to a New Years Party at Finn Maccools tonight in the University District. Seems like it should be a good evening and smart too. I'm a little concerned that I have ticket #1, but I'm assured many others have committed. If it's a mistake, I'll surely learn from it. No harm in making a few misjudgements along the way.

I love riding on the bus. It's a completely different world - there's a significant population that know each other, but furthermore, everyone seems so eager to tell their life story. Right now, it seems my two favorite pasttimes are waiting for the bus, and travelling on the bus. On gives me insight into myself, the other into the rest of the world. Who says boredom isn't stimulating?

Exercise is great too. I've never really bought into the chemical aspect of physical exertion - endorphins and all that. However, there is something strangely satisfying, relaxing and theraputic about exhausting oneself frequently. I hope I can keep this up.

Fate doesn't hang on a wrong or right choice; fortune depends on the tone of your voice. The Divine Comedy. What's it all about really?

Too much gin.