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Perfect cinematic moments

One aspect of films that I hugely appreciate is a well thought out scene. When the imagery, soundtrack and dialog all align perfectly, it makes for a very moving moment. Invariably, this is where the emotions of the viewer reach the most intense point, whether it results in tears or bursts of joy is somewhat secondary.

It's rare that such moments occur in real life; indeed, I recall very few such cases that I have been privileged to experience, and then, only by accident. Sadly these moments simply cannot be conveyed by words alone, but I'll try.

One has just occurred. While listening to 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' in my apartment, a nasty three car wreck happened at the intersection below. Within seconds, there were just two things: the music and the deafening wail of emergency sirens.

Another moment than sticks in my mind happened while I was working at Bridgemere Garden World. Late one evening, I vividly recall the rain pounding down on the plastic roof, drowning out all other sounds but one - the endless ringing of an unanswered phone.

This is a little deep for a Sunday morning.