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Go Seahawks!

The realization that I don't have to go to work tomorrow is proving very relaxing. Since this is the first real period I've had off work without a busy whirlwind tour, I should hopefully be able to catch up with myself again.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Seahawks beat the Kansas City Chiefs this afternoon. Quite a match to behold:

SEATTLE �?" In a game that featured the fourth-highest total offensive output in NFL history, the Seattle Seahawks outscored the Kansas City Chiefs in a 39-32 offensive shootout.

Highlighted by career performances by quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and receiver Koren Robinson, Seattle and Kansas City combined for 1,086 yards and 71 points in a game that was not decided until the final minute when an onside kick by the Chiefs was recovered by Seattle�?Ts Bobby Engram to seal the victory. The teams also combined to set an NFL record for most combined first downs in a game with 63 (Seattle vs. San Diego, 62 in 1985).