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Effective adveristing

I spend more and more time these days thing about how people perceive what they see. Is the intended meaning the only meaning? Of course, if you look hard enough, anything can be seen in a different light, but it's what the masses take away that counts.

There's an interesting 'army proverb' I came across recently

Anything order than can be misunderstood has been misunderstood.
I think that sums it up pretty well.

There's an Estee Lauder commercial on TV at the moment with a very pretty to-be bridge all dressed up looking in the mirror. Non-descript music and very few visual cues conjure just a single word 'beautiful'. No prizes for guessing the name of the fragrance.

On the other hand, there are a set of MSN ads around at the moment with a human butterfly running about town, using his large wings to obscure unsuitable images and people. An interesting approach to the 'excellent parental controls' sale point, I don't know of very many people who are concerned about their children seeing Victoria's Secret posters on billboards. In my mind, the question remains, will the technology protect children against the real threat?