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Without a doubt, the news

Without a doubt, the news I was most intrigued by today was the discovery that Tetris is hard, NP hard in fact. Still, I got 214 lines on a plane to Bangkok, so I'm sure that counts for something.

I am very impressed by the speed that the DC sniper case has been resolved. Given the apparent lack of clues and leads, the fact that the police have two people in custody must be a great relief. I still feel sorry for the two guys in the wrong place at the wrong time.

With the launch of MSN 8 today, I was pleasantly surprised to see boats sailing around Lake Washington this morning sporting MSN sails.

To say I was surprised to find that the Bill of Rights wouldn't pass a public vote today would be wrong. I am truly fascinated by the notion of a democracy; the power lies very much with the people, yet they are often those least informed to make a decision. Freedom (or lack thereof) of the press possibly has a bearing, but why are extreme views always ridiculed or ignored? There's comfort in knowing you agree with the majority, even if you're not quite sure everyone's right. Strength to stand against the flow of opinion is difficult, especially without all of the facts in hand. There must be a happy medium.