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I watched more television today

I watched more television today than usual. And, as usual, I wasn't disappointed.

Perhaps one of my favorite aspects of American commercials are the subtitles. The typical 'professional driver, closed course' is OK, but perhaps stating the obvious. Despite the massive number of SUV-driving road users here, I find it unlikely any are going to be inspired to take their $30k vehicle offroad high into the mountains or through the thickest jungle. My current favorite depicts a Ford Explorer driving on top of the clouds with the important caveat 'dramatization'.

I see Mt Etna erupted in Sicily again. Amusing to hear about molten lava passing through a ski area, but thankfully no-one has been injured.

It seems everyone is desperate for their 15 minutes. On the local news tonight I heard about a 'former relative' of Muhammad claiming that his motives were revenge, citing himself and his family as the real targets, with the list of dead just incidental before the ultimate goal. I took it in bad tase, and still remain puzzled as to how one uses the title 'former relative'.

Lazy day today though, I took an uneventful drive up to Gasworks Park where I took a photo that is now the backdrop of