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From an e-mail I sent

From an e-mail I sent Ed yesterday..

As I�?Tve almost been here for a year, I decided it was about time I wrote down a little list I�?Tve been making in my head. America has a lot of good points, but I think these thoughts, which really comprise a set of recommendations, would make this country so much better.

Things I would like

  • Heinz baked beans, one of those ridiculously large cans
  • A tube of Smarties, preferably two or three
  • Mr Kiplings cakes, especially those ones with hard bits on the outside and cream inside
  • PG Tips, or Tetley at a pinch
  • A Pret a Manger sandwich, those All-Day Club ones that smelt like Big Mac special sauce
  • Marmite
  • Radio 1
  • A Dairy Milk bar, chocolate here tastes like chalk
  • A salad from Marks and Spencer
  • A Wrights pie, I took the factory tour and survived
  • A pint of Boddingtons
  • Sainsburys economy swiss roles, nutritious at only 15p
  • Home made Shepards Pie
  • Knowing that there was football on TV that I could watch, if it interested me
  • Commercial-free television
  • Lucozade
  • A pint in the Mainwaring, by the fire �?" it�?Ts getting colder here

Things I dislike

  • The fact that any response other than �?~Great thanks!�?T to the greeting �?~Heyhowsitgoing�?T makes people shy away, looking at you as if you�?Tre suicidal.
  • Dollar bills. Too bulky, useless.
  • Sales tax. But how much does it really cost?
  • Dating. Too confusing.

Things that are good

  • No 2c coin. Britain is seriously behind in this respect.