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Busy day today, 13 hours

Busy day today, 13 hours at work in complete chaos and I'm about where I started. Sometimes I wonder what it's all about.

So I've been thinking about owning a bar, at some distant point in my future. If you offer $2.50 drinks all night on Thursdays, are you harming yourself for Friday night? Maybe. Bar crawls are an easy one - always arrange them start in your place, never finish. Atmosphere is a tricky one; loud music is out, but what if the place is silent? Perhaps a good opportunity to pipe muzak-people-babble through the sound system and see if anyone notices.

By chance, I listened to Three Lions by the Lightning Seeds this evening. American sports are all very well, but they just don't seem to invoke the real passion and spirit of a good game of football. I have a feeling I'm more English than I once thought. I'll live in London one day..