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2001 (old posts, page 3)

Saturday passed without much to

Saturday passed without much to comment on. I rose in a leisurely fashion at about 15.00 and played some of Flight Simulator 2000 (which indeed I had bought the day previous). As 18.00 approached, a CUCBC captains meeting loomed. Boring as usual, but at least Denis is allowed to row. Had dinner in PizzaHut and then found the evening gone.

This morning I have managed to find a sub for this afternoon's outing, and that is it. It's going to be yet another one of those days lost to rowing unfortunately...

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This morning's outing was an

This morning's outing was an absolute disgrace. I have scratched the crew from the race tomorrow, since it really wasn't worth the shame.

My Security lecture was cancelled, so I wandered around town for a bit. I think I might buy Flight Simulator 2000 since I've now got a computer well worthy of playing it on.

Just sitting here now leafing through Varsity I've come across an excellent quotation

The United States, I believe, are under the impression that they are 20 years in advance of Britain; whilst, as a matter of actual veritable fact, they are just about six hours behind it.
Harold Hobson
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A good day all-in-all.

A good day all-in-all. Started two new courses, the one on Neural Computing is particularly interesting, even if it is two thirds wet. The brain uses about 44W whatever it is doing, whether sleeping, eating or playing chess. I find that quite interested.

Had a short supervision with Walt about my project. He's very pleased with how things are moving on, so I am too now. Now I've got to make a start on actually writing some of this down.

Lauren's got to do her 2k test this evening. I'm sure she's looking forward to it...

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Things went downhill quite rapidly

Things went downhill quite rapidly this evening. Nick was particularly ill last night, asked if I could find him a replacement for tomorrow morning's outing, but then decided he'd be OK. About 22.30, he had a temperature and was throwing up again, so we do now have a replacement. Whilst all this was going on, I realised Pete wasn't aware that we had an outing and therefore quite desperately had to find a cox. Anyway, enough of this babble.

Lauren is happy with all the women's erg results and she shaved 6s of her PB.

I've made some headway on the vCalendar work for my project, which I guess is something.

On a different note, it seems the computing service is banning incoming ftp as of next week. Whilst I have indeed fallen foul of hackers by this means before, it does unfortunately mean that blogger will stop working until a devise a workaround.

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The outing went well, possibly

The outing went well, possibly the best yet of the term. We had a few strokes of teasing balance, but at least it's a start. I'm not particularly looking forward to a meeting with everyone that wants to row this term. Presumably a nightmare, but at least my first boat is shaping up.

Lauren has pointed towards a rather entertaining Bumps predictor on DCBC's website. At least no-one thinks Jesus will be a disgrace, unlike perhaps the likes of 1st & 3rd Trinity.

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The outing this morning went

The outing this morning went well, not looking too bad for a second boat made almost entirely of novices.

I've made two phone calls this morning. The first, to Davis Turner about my removal to Seattle leaves me just needing to give an inventory of my belongings. The second, in response to a phone call received yesterday by the porters, was to a research firm. They are looking for 12 graduates to take part in an 'elite' (her words, not mine) fast-track management scheme for Lloyds TSB. I was interested by the approach -- 'obviously, they have the normal scheme, but it is often noticed that this slows down the best graduates. This scheme originated from the board itself to create the management of tomorrow'. Exciting stuff surely, shame I'm not the least bit interested in banking.

Off to my first lecture of 2001 now -- Optimising Compilers -- I can hardly wait.