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A busy few days. With

A busy few days. With Emily and Garan, we raced in the Robinson Head on Friday and came a respectable 4th. As expected, the race gave us a good measure against the other crews, although there was quite a margin between us and the leaders. Sadly the second and third boats both had to scratch due to lack of crew members.

Today was Pembroke Regatta and good fun at that. We easily beat Christs in the first round and came against Caius in the next. Coming under the railway bridge, we clashed blades as Caius came off their station and due to an incompetant marshal, a re-row was required. A good race ensued and we lead to the line, whereupon Caius managed a last few good strokes and won by a bow-ball. 1st and 3rd proceeded to beat Caius by a similar margin. These good results show a lot of promise. The 1st women easily won, and look set to do very well in the Lents.