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Things went downhill quite rapidly

Things went downhill quite rapidly this evening. Nick was particularly ill last night, asked if I could find him a replacement for tomorrow morning's outing, but then decided he'd be OK. About 22.30, he had a temperature and was throwing up again, so we do now have a replacement. Whilst all this was going on, I realised Pete wasn't aware that we had an outing and therefore quite desperately had to find a cox. Anyway, enough of this babble.

Lauren is happy with all the women's erg results and she shaved 6s of her PB.

I've made some headway on the vCalendar work for my project, which I guess is something.

On a different note, it seems the computing service is banning incoming ftp as of next week. Whilst I have indeed fallen foul of hackers by this means before, it does unfortunately mean that blogger will stop working until a devise a workaround.