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The outing this morning went

The outing this morning went well, not looking too bad for a second boat made almost entirely of novices.

I've made two phone calls this morning. The first, to Davis Turner about my removal to Seattle leaves me just needing to give an inventory of my belongings. The second, in response to a phone call received yesterday by the porters, was to a research firm. They are looking for 12 graduates to take part in an 'elite' (her words, not mine) fast-track management scheme for Lloyds TSB. I was interested by the approach -- 'obviously, they have the normal scheme, but it is often noticed that this slows down the best graduates. This scheme originated from the board itself to create the management of tomorrow'. Exciting stuff surely, shame I'm not the least bit interested in banking.

Off to my first lecture of 2001 now -- Optimising Compilers -- I can hardly wait.